Our Curriculum Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

Lecture Methods in the study program

these are as follows:

1. A policy-oriented approach with an emphasis on the political and economic aspects. This program positions itself to be a center for political economic studies in Asia, especially Indonesia. Considering that Asian countries are rich in natural resources and in recent decades have been the main targets of foreign investment, this study center will have a strategic role.

2. Lecture materials respond to practical and diplomatic needs. These materials are regularly updated by experts in their fields (including senior diplomats, practitioners and entrepreneurs), to respond to current issues and to anticipate future developments. Practitioners are scheduled to share experiences to help students understand the practical aspects of the theory they have learned.

3. Active learning methods are designed to optimize discussion and stimulate student innovation. With a maximum of 20 students per class, this strategy will work effectively

4. Network development, to facilitate network development for students through various mentorship/internship programs with state and non-state diplomats from various fields.

5. Support for teachers and students to collaborate in scientific and professional development.